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Entertainments in inland areas:

If we head inland, we will discover that La Gomera is an outdoor paradise in all its facets. The island offers a number of possibilities to enjoy a few days of rest in perfect communion with nature and the people. This offer of outdoor tourism is one of the largest in the Canary Islands, thanks to the wide network of paths that cross the island from one end to the other. Some in the vicinity of Residencial El Llano, are suitable for hiking and mtb. Turismo La Gomera offers a free downloadable app with all the information on trekking and mtb routes, with length, duration and difficulty for each path.

Walking the streets of La Gomera means reviving its long history; the story of a people who have adapted themselves to the difficulties of an abrupt orography. These inhabitants have been able to create a network of paths crossing the whole island allowing people to enjoy the rich landscapes, heritage and biodiversity on foot. Most of these paths still exist and are in good condition, forming an intricate and wide network of routes.

Entertainmens in the sea areas:

If we turn our eyes to the sea, the landscape turns from intense green to deep blue, where nautical activities are just as attractive as those of the hinterland. Fishing, diving, canoeing, sup, dolphins sightseeing along the coasts of Valle Gran Rey or enjoying excursions to the cliff of Los Órganos are some of the activities that can be done nearby Residencial El Llano. Whale watching is another highly recommended activity due to the beautiful seabed and the diverse colony of cetaceans in the area, the pilot whales, that live near the coasts of La Gomera and Tenerife.

Entertainmens in Valle Gran Rey

All these activities involve considerable energy expenditure, and the sea air invites you to taste the traditional local cuisine. Valle Gran Rey offers a wide choice of typical restaurants, local and fusion cuisine, as well as the more traditional ones that live off the catch of the day.

In this characteristic village you will find several supermarkets, renowned artisan shops, bakeries and pastry shops, as well as local groceries, sports facilities and the tourist information office.

In the hilly areas of the municipality there are some very small but beautiful villages such as Arure, Taguluche and Las Hayas, not far from the Garajonay National Park.